Little Wing Pizzeria

In getting back into the blogging world, I thought it might be fun to review some of the places that I go to. I will be doing quite a bit of travel in the next few months and so this is the perfect opportunity for me to share my thoughts with you all. In the foreseeable future I will be travelling to:

  • London

  • New Zealand

My husband and I will be heading off to London tomorrow to go and see the play “A Long Days Journey into Night,” starring Jeremy Irons. In London we will be trying our best to find amazing restaurants that cater for my gluten free needs. This will be easy, as I follow quite a lot of gluten free, London based bloggers, and they have no shortage on places to go. Check out Becky Excell (glutenfreecuppatea) she is amazing.

We will be heading to New Zealand for our honeymoon in March, over the Easter period.  After getting married in October we decided it would be best to wait for the honeymoon, and I have to say I’m glad I did. Having something big to look forward to has been brilliant, and I would recommend this method to anyone getting married in the future. Don’t go on honeymoon immediately, wait a while, and go big or go home!

Introduction out of the way, this article is going to be about my experience in a local restaurant called Little Wing Pizzeria.

Living in Lisburn means that when the husband and I are looking to go out for dinner, we think nothing of jumping in the car and driving 15 minutes into Belfast. Sometimes you can completely miss what is at your own front door.

Little Wing Pizzeria has quite a few restaurants in Northern Ireland, seven in total. You can find them in Lisburn Square (Lisburn), Lisburn Road (Belfast), High Street (Enniskillen), Ballyhackamore (Belfast), Bangor, Ann Street (Belfast) and Holywood.

I went to the restaurant with a group of friends, and naturally not everyone showed up on time, but this wasn’t an issue, and the staff were more than accommodating. When we all were finally seated and had our drinks, I looked at the menu and was instantly delighted to see that the gluten free section was already a part of the menu! Normally I feel a bit awkward having to ask for a separate menu, but Little Wing took the awkwardness straight out, by putting it in their main menu.

One thing that really stood out for me was that my gluten free pizza base was the same size as the regular base. For once I wasn’t going to be the odd one out. Normally I’m sitting with a smaller plate of something while my friends pig out on huge portions, but tonight I was eating with the best of them with a positively huge (for me) 11-inch base.

They have an amazing selection of toppings for the pizzas and calzones, and if you’re not in the mood for a pizza, they provide other options such as pasta and salads. If you’re really in the mood they do have the option for a massive 24-inch pizza. My friends are contemplating doing this some time, and I tip my hat to them. That is just way too much pizza for my stomach to handle, but I would love to see one!

Before we had our pizza, my friends ordered the classic dough balls that are a must for any regular customers to the restaurant. Little gluten free me however, had to steer clear of these, lest I cause a scene. I was able to get a little portion of olives and was able to have a bit of a joke around with the waiter, stating that my dietary requirements were actually normal, and the regular eaters were all just weird. You probably had to be there, but I smiled.

Our meals arrived pretty quickly after we ordered and I simply devoured my Fromagii Caprini pizza. The ingredients were goats cheese, red onion, rocket and garlic oil. Simply divine! I may have stank of garlic afterwards, but I did not care one single bit as it was the best pizza I’ve had since I came back from Rome in November.

One thing I noticed, and really loved about Little Wing, is that none of their pizzas were perfect. What do I mean by this? I mean they all weren’t uniform in shape. Sometimes you go to pizza places and the pizzas are all perfectly round, but not Little Wing, and for me this just added to the authenticity of the place. In Italy you don’t get perfectly round pizzas, they all look different. A bit like snowflakes, not one pizza is the same.

Would I recommend Little Wing Pizzeria? One hundred percent, massive thumbs up, mega high five, ten out of ten, fireworks exploding, heavenly music playing…you get the idea.

If you suffer from coeliac disease, or have any food intolerances what so ever, I would recommend Little Wing. I felt completely comfortable in this restaurant, my usual anxiousness caged. The food was delicious, the atmosphere was brilliant, and the staff were friendly. The fact that it was basically five minutes from my house and was reasonably priced was a bonus. It was so nice not having to drive into Belfast.

When you go to Little Wing for your own taste of pizza heaven, tell them BlogityHeth sent you, and bring me back a GF slice while you’re at it!


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