New Zealand Honeymoon: The Finale

Hello once again dear readers! I’ve finally gotten a chance to write the final installment of my amazing honeymoon trip to New Zealand. Sadly I am home now, in Northern Ireland. Our time in New Zealand was all too short and husband and I are wishing we were back in NZ already. Honestly it is the most beautiful country we have ever visited and we’re already thinking about our return journey.


My last article stated that we were in Queenstown in South Island. Queenstown is beautiful, but definitely more tourist-y. This is not a bad thing, especially when you’re a tourist, but I did get the chance to speak to someone who lives in the area, and for the locals, the tourist vibe seems to be a bit of a turn off at times. Anyway, I digress.


I told you in the last article that I was soon be to going on an adventure in Queenstown, which involved white water rafting. This is an activity both husband and I had never done before and so we were excited about it. Little did we know that we had actually been booked onto the advanced rapids, rather than the beginners rapids. When I had figured this point out, I will admit I was more than a little nauseous.


We were going rafting on the Shotover River and we were with a team of highly trained, professional rafters. We were given a full health and safety briefing and told what to do if we fell out of the raft. I was convinced I was going to fall out of the raft, but to my surprise, I didn’t! Flying down the rapids was certainly a thrilling experience. Once I got over the initial shock of having water constantly slapping into my face, I settled in really well at the front of the raft and powered through the tough rapids. The other people on the raft were more than up for some playful banter, and I did find myself at the butt of some of the jokes, simply because of the amount of screaming I was doing. I didn’t mind, I gave as good as I got!

Unfortunately the last rapid of the day, which was a bit of a monster, was the end of me. Upon being told to get down into the raft to brace the last rapid, my left foot slipped under me, and my right foot, which had been so superbly keeping me in place, and in the raft, stayed lodged in its groove. My whole body twisted while my right foot stayed in place, and I very badly hurt my ankle. At the time we thought it was only a sprain, but after having sought out a second opinion back home in Northern Ireland, I am now waiting to hear if I’ve actually fractured bones in my foot**. This was something the professional rafters were not expecting. Normally they have to deal with bashed noses and minor injuries that can be fixed easily, but this was something a little different. I had to be cut out of my wet-suit! That was…fun.

Husband and I didn’t let this injury have any lasting effect on our honeymoon. I was able to hobble on to an overnight cruise of the Doubtful Sound, something I fully recommend you do if you’re in South Island. It was a beautiful trip (although I do wish I had been able to see more outside of the boat). We got to learn a lot about the native wildlife and we got to talk to some amazing people on the boat as well.

Queenstown…before I hurt my foot 🙂




Once the Doubtful Sound trip was finished we made our way to Christchurch and so made our way home. Due to the bad ankle, my trip home was not so pleasant. When it comes to peoples allocated seating on aeroplanes, people can be really nasty. Thankfully from Christchurch to Sydney I was allocated an aisle seat. However when I made to get up from my seat when the plane landed, some Australian guy shoved his way past people and I fell back into my chair. I gave out to the man, he gave out to me, husband furiously gave out to the man, and then another American man started giving out to the man too. It got rather heated and all I will say is that I was glad to get off that plane. From Sydney to Dubai was actually the worst flight of my life. I miss-read my seat allocation to begin with and I thought I had the aisle seat. This is a common mistake for most people, especially if you’ve been doing a lot of travel throughout the day. People get tired and mistakes are made. Normally this is no big deal. A woman then came down the aisle and told me I was sitting in her seat. I apologised and then asked her if I could possibly have the aisle seat as I had a bad ankle and it would make it easier for me to stretch out a little and get to the bathroom. This…woman (I can only call her that, unless I start swearing) started to get really angry, and started giving out to me that she had pre-booked the seat because she couldn’t sit at a window seat, she couldn’t be in an enclosed space with no way of getting out, and then even showed her ticket to an air steward! I was so embarrassed and fed up that I let her have her way, and I was forced to sit at the window.

I understand people have claustrophobia and don’t like confined spaces, but at this point in my travels I just kept thinking to myself, “If you’re so uncomfortable with it, then why fly?” I must have called the woman all the bad names under the sun, and wished her painful death numerous times. I think I would have been fine with her if she had been nice about it. The fact that she was a total butt hole just made me hate her very existence. Also the air stewards were no help in this matter. They didn’t offer to ask if anyone else wanted to swap an aisle seat with me, and everyone in the vicinity of me were refusing to meet my gaze. People are so particular about where they sit.

My foot before the flight. You don’t want to know what it looked like after!

I was so uncomfortable for the whole flight. My ankle, and then whole leg was in so much pain that in a 14 hour flight, I slept for roughly 3 hours. My foot and calf started to swell. They got so big, and tight that it looked like someone had inflated them with a balloon pump. It was horrible.

Thankfully we survived the flights home, and are recovering well from the jet lag. Unfortunately when I went to A&E in Belfast they did have to check me for Deep Vein Thrombosis. My blood levels were a little high for this in regards to clotting and so I needed an ultrasound scan on my leg to make doubly sure I didn’t have a clot. Thankfully I didn’t have one! For a period of 2 hours though I was petrified that I did. My ankle has been CT Scanned for fractures and I will get the results of that on Wednesday and hopefully know a bit more about what is going on with my foot**.

Would I recommend New Zealand to you for a honeymoon/holiday? Of course I would, 100%! Forget Australia, jump on ahead to New Zealand, you will not regret it. The weather was brilliant, the food was superb, the people were friendly and there was an abundance of things to do! Even though I hurt myself, please go white water rafting. It is so much fun. What happened to me was a freak accident. Please go and visit Hobbiton! It was by far, the single most amazing thing husband and I have ever done. It will always be at the top of our best thing ever list! New Zealand is a beautiful country, and there you will truly find a home away from home.


**My ankle was actually broken, way to spot that New Zealand Doctors! But seriously I would have been in trouble if I hadn’t gone to The Royal Victoria Hospital. I can’t thank their staff enough for taking me very seriously when it came to my injury.

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